April 5: Dark and spooky night on blood mountain. The four of us: myself, Joe, Musicman, and Badass spent the night in the pictured “shelter”. There was no door and windows were all gone. We hung our food in the trees since we didn’t have the required bear canisters. As soon as the sun went down the mice went crazy, squeaking and running around. Between the non bear proof doors and the mice, we didn’t sleep much at all. Joe and I woke up at 5 and descended the two miles down the mountain in the dark to beat the storms. We are no holed up again and are confident that we will back on the trail tomorrow morning.

On a side note, music man got his trail name because he hikes with a speaker playing music. Bad Ass received his name because we almost lost our hitched ride due to him being in the can nursing his severe dysentery– hence, Bad Ass. No trail names for Joe or I yet. Happy trails.

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