April 8: I have to confess that at times this past week I have contemplated which is worse: a steep ascent up a mountain during a 40 degree driving sleet storm, or, a good day in division 3 court? Well, it’s amazing what a little spate of good weather will do for the spirits! What a fabulous day out on the trail.

It was a hard 12 mile from unicoi gap to Addis gap. Two mountain ascent and descents of 1200 feet. It was hard. But lo and behold we got the top of the second mountain and found a camp of frontier dressed baptists providing an abundance of trail magic bake in cast iron Dutch ovens. It’s a little surreal to find such a thing at the top of a wilderness mountain. Sausage and biscuits and all sorts of other magic served up by a Daniel Boon dressed baptist named blue bear. For the small price of excepting some psalms and other frontier baptist tracts, we were fed for the second time that day from the kindness of strangers. Many thanks to Blue bear and Quite Walker for the grub and the religious tracts. Out of respect I will read them tonight as promised. After that I leave to the imaginations of my readers the use they may provide later on the trail. Happy trails.

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