April 13: Morning Joe and I slept in and are enjoying our recovery from the travails of the trail as well as a much needed late night at “mixers” with our new friend Whahoo.

Pictured is my 6 day supply of light weight, high calorie food. Idahoan potatoes, mac cheese, kind bars, Fritos, buffalo tuna packets, parket margarine, tortillas, romen noodles, peanut m&ms, queso, refried beans, and peanut butter. All shit that we are utterly sick of. It weighs about 12 pounds. So we packed up half our food and mailed it three days ahead of us to the nattahala outdoor center. This is called bounce boxing. It will save six extra pounds on our backs for the next three days. We also sent a package home with a bunch of stuff not getting used. Hopefully we can get pack weight down even lower.

All of chores are done, it’s time for a beer before we hit the trail again at 9 am. Happy trails.

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