April 21: Pictured is my friend two chairs and I on top of 6600 foot Clingmans Dome– the highest peak on the AT. It was a ten mile hike to the top and we hiked another 5 miles to a shelter. We are all nearly out of food and are planning on resupply at Gatlinburg. It also means that at camp all anyone is talking about is food. Favorite restaurant, favorite food, what buffet to go to after breakfast, I could go on.

My trail name was changed last week from El Fuego to “Uncle Puck”. Everyone that we have been traveling with in this bubble has been calling me uncle pat anyway. The bubble that gave me the first name has largely quit the trail. So Uncle Puck it is. A bubble, by the way, is a group of people that you are hiking the same speed as and end seeing all the time. If you miss a day, slow down, or speed up, you will find yourself in a new bubble. You can rediscover one later to. Off to Gatlinburg in the morning where the post breakfast buffet will be Chinese. I really wish I had a seven layer burrito right now…. happy trails.

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