April 28: We hiked the 13 miles into Hot Springs and got into town around 3. I shared a cabin with my hiking buddies Blue Stem, White Beard, Caretaker, and Elise. It seems like every hiker in a 50 mile radius is in town. Both saloons were as slammed as the three washer laundromat. A birthday bash was declared at the hostel for Radio. There was much revelry, drinking and hiker karaoke into the wee hours. Pictured is my friend Juan Gone channeling his Mexican wrestler heritage.

Saturday will be a much needed zero day. My feet are in bad shape. I have a heel issue that is either a bone spur or the beginning of tendinitis — either way not good. Hopefully the zero will help. Having had two breakfasts, I think a nap is in order before resupply at the dollar general. Happy trails.

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