May 8: mile 375: Ash Gap tent

We woke up to freezing temps and gusting winds.  We hiked over moderate up and downs with my phone reporting 322 fights of stairs and over 40,000 steps.  

We ran into Big Country which was quite a surprise since he was last reported 60 miles back laid up with the Norovirus.  He apparently recovered and “yellow blazed” forward.  To yellow blaze is to hitch a ride forward and skip part of the trail.  Some people don’t want to fall behind their “Tramily” after an injury or time off the trail.  Tramily, of course, is your trail family.  Yellow blazers always swear that they will come back after the end and “finish” what they missed.  Who knows, maybe Big Country will. 

We also ran into Wahoo and camped with him and Blue Stem at Ash Gap.  Caretaker and White Beard went up the last three miles to the shelter. We met and also camped with Cow Girl (from Wisconsin), Anvil, and Table Top.  We had a huge fire and stayed up super late (10).  Happy trails.

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