May 10: mile 405: Cowboy camped

We woke up to great weather and quickly hiked down the last three miles down the mountain to the road.  We hitched a ride the three miles into town and by 930 am the three of us were enjoying six breakfasts at Bob’s Dairy Bar.  The ice cream cones for dessert really topped it off.  Truth be told, all we ever think or talk about is food.  We are burning 6 to 8 thousand calories a day and have to carry it all on our backs– sometimes six days worth.  So when we go into town, we GO to town.

By 11 o’clock we were back on the trail after a quick hitch back to the trail head.  The hiking was a lot less strenuous due to the lower hills and no mountains to contend with (climb).  The main thing of note was that we saw the two best waterfalls of the trip– on the same day.  By six o’clock Blue Stem, white Beard, and I cowboy camped in the woods.  Caretaker finally got tired of our slowness and has jetted ahead.  Happy trails.

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