May 14: mile 470:  Damascus 

We completed our second slack pack 20 into Damascus.  Beautiful weather and probably the flattest terrain that we have experienced to date.  We jammed with no pack.  I think I could have done 30 miles.  We will see how I feel getting back my forty pounds tomorrow.  We are now in Virginia!  Done with North Carolina and Tennessee after almost 500 miles.  Virginia will be almost 600 miles, yikes!

Damascus is a really cool town.  The trail joins with its Main Street through the center of town.  And unlike these other dumb fuck southern towns, they actually have a bar.  I think that Virginia will be south lite.  Enough of the Deep South and on to some civilization.  

We jammed again with the slack packing.  We rolled into town at 4 pm after 22 miles of hard hiking.  I would love to zero here but I think we are going to hike out tomorrow.  Trail days is back here this next weekend.  I am going to hike out for four days and then shuttle back here for the celebrations this coming weekend.  Resupply tomorrow and back at it.  Happy trails.

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