May 21: mile 540: Chatfield Shelter

We left Damascus after a nice breakfast at Mojos with Vera. Stick, and Juan.  Juan, Stick, and I split a cab to Marian.  The cabbie took us to Walmart for resupply first and then back to the trail at partnership shelter by 1:00 pm.  We hiked in the light rain for about 7 miles and quit at the first shelter.  We ran into Gravity on the way and got to catch up with him after a long while.  A couple of gals named River, Lost, and Down Hill joined us at the shelter.  Due to the rain I broke my no shelter rule and hunkered down to brave the mice again.

It’s looking like the rain might not quit for the next several days.  The next shelter is 20 miles away.  It’s going to be tough for me to make tomorrow because my new boots have blistered me up horribly.  I went with the Oboz boots instead of the old Merrels.  I hope they fare better than the destroyed Merrels.  

I don’t know when I’m going to be able to try the new hammock– need the weather to break first. My sister and her friends are supposed to meet me in Bland Virginia on Thursday to hike for a few days. I’m looking forward to it but I have a lot of miles to cover in the rain to get there.  The rain is looking pretty relentless.  Wish us luck, stay dry, and happy trails.

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