May 22:  mile 554: Quarter Way Hostel

We woke up in the light rain hoping to make the 20 miles to the next shelter.  My heel blisters had me in agony.  I set out early. Taped up with bandages and duct tape.  After about 10 miles in the light on again off again rain I fell significantly behind Juan and Stick.  It became clear that I was not going to make another ten miles with the amount of pain I was in.  I started looking for some cowboy camping spots ahead noticed that there was a hostel five miles ahead and one mile off the trail.  Sold!!!  I high tailed as best as could and got there about five o’clock.  

The Hostel is called the Quarter Way Hostel because it is exactly a quarter of the way to the end.  Whoo hoo!  I’m a quarter done.  The place is very nice and a number of rain weary hikers filtered in right after I got there.  Spitfire was the only one that I new.  Got to meet Torch,  Medicine Man, Yeti, Bambi Face, and Blue Hat.  

I showered, did laundry, and fixed two pizzas, 3 ice cream bars, and two bags of chettos, and a gateraid from the kitchen.  We all quickly went through about twenty of Tina’s frozen pizzas and all retired to the bunk house by a very late 9 pm.

Spitfire gave me some new Lucca Tape for my blisters.  She says it’s better than Duct tape.  Duct tape is our standard remedy for everything.  You will see it rolled around our trekking poles for easy access.  Shoe repair, blisters, tent repairs, etc.  If you’re from North Georgia you can use it for a condom.  Paradoxically, someone from North Georgia would likely never have use of a condom, but if they did, duct tape would be their ticket.  Let’s hope my Lukka Tape is as efficacious for my blisters.  Happy trails.

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