May 24: mile 574: st Luke’s hostile

Woke up in the rain, again.  Seventeen people in a shelter made for six was not conducive to sleep or comfort.  I hiked out at 6 am and set off down the mountain as the rain intensified to a steady drizzle.   At the bottom the trail continued to follow a high ridge line with constant boulders and rocks to navigate.  My blisters were killing me and the progress was slow.  After about five hours and seven or eight miles the rain intensified even more.   As I came across a logging road I came upon torch and medicine man standing at the road.  They reported that the forecast was bad and they were bailing into a nearby hostel of St Marks.  I joined them and bailed also.

St marks was a really cool farm house with private rooms each having an enormous four poster bed.  They had beer in the fridge on the honor system and I grabbed a few with my much needed rest.  By eight o’clock the Hikers poured in avoiding the weather.  Hostels are really good for meeting people and st marks was no exception.  Catfish, Viking, and numerous new friends were made.  

My sister and friends will meet up me here at 1030 tomorrow morning.  They will be met with more shit weather as storms are lingering.  Happy trails.

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