May 29: mile 634: Perrisburg Plaza Motel

The Woods Hole Hostel was really cool.  It’s run by hippies to be a totally organic, self-sufficient homestead.  They raise all of their own veggies and livestock.  They make bread and cheese and all sorts of hippie foods.  Before breakfast we had to join hands in a ring and recite what makes our soul sing right now.  You get the picture.  The breakfast was delicious but I did not stick around for the yoga, massage sessions, or the assigned chores for the paying customers.  A lot of people decided they were going to zero there.  Man can’t live on kool-aid alone, zero locations must have beer, that’s my rule.  All told it was a cool place, albeit a little trippy.

So I got out of there at 930 and hastily set off in the twelve mile hike into Perrisburg for resupply.  On the way, an enormous black snake blocked the trail on the ridge preceding the final descent.  There is so much vegetation chocking the trail that you can’t see the snakes until the last second.  The weather was beautiful and the hiking was pretty low key and fairly easy until the final two mile descent.  Believe it or not, descents can be a hundred times worse than going up.  It just bruises the shit out of your feet and makes your knees scream for mercy.  This was one of the worst ones– I thought my toenail finally came off.  When I finally got to the bottom, I started the mile-plus walk into town.  Luckily, some very nice dayhikers stoped and gave a very smelly hiker a lift into town.  

I went to the Plaza Motel and saw that the white Chairs in front of the rooms were already filing up with hikers.  It was going to be our own little Memorial Day party in the motel parking lot right have we all paid our respects to the Chinese buffet across the street.  You really don’t want to see a gaggle of hikers coming off trail  bum rush a Chinese buffet– it ain’t pretty or appetizing.  After that, a quick trip to the Food Lion for supplies and beer.  Then, and only then, was I ready for a shower.  You want to be fresh when drinking beer and comisserating with your hiker buds in the parking lot of the Plaza Motel.  I met new friends Duck-Fart, junior, Uturn, and old friend Happy Feet from Venezuela.  If that wasn’t tall cotton enough, the proprietress of the Plaza did all of our laundry for free. It was a fun night.  The plan is to bug out early and hit the trail.  Happy trails.

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