June 1: mile 694: stealth camp

I got on the trail early in decent weather and hiked most of the day without event.  I got my 20 miles without really seeing too many people along the way.  That was a little eerie.  The hiking was fairly flat and I made pretty good time.  My feet are really starting to hurt though.  The left heel blister is mostly healed but I am now dealing with what looks like an infected right toe.  The balls and the bottoms of both big toes are starting to feel bruised and painful.  As always, my toes are numb and tingle even in the tent after hiking.  Three ibus in the morning, two for lunch, three at night keep things bearable.

Tomorrow and the next day I need to hike 22 miles each to put me within 10 miles of Daleville for Saturday trail days.  I’ve got the dragons tooth tomorrow which is said to be quite tough.  I’ll try for the 22 miles and see how it goes.  I didn’t find this stealth camp until nearly dark.  I will eventually want to find some new hiking partners.  But for now the solitude is doing me some good, I think.  I’ll hit early in the morning for Dragons Tooth– happy trails.

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