June 3: mile 718: Lambert Meadows shelter

I woke up and all thoughts of 26 mile slack packs were dispelled.  My feet were still killing me and I was still physically exhausted.  So I set out with the hope of doing 16 miles to set up a 10 mile hike into Daleville the following day.  Eight miles into the hike I hiked up the mountain to macaffee knob, the iconic photo op of the trail.  It being Saturday it proved to be crowded with tourists and Virginia tech students.  The weather was nice and the hiking was up hill but manageable.  I was still fatigued and in foot pain.  But I made it up the mountain with AAA and Carl Dew.  When we got there there was a crowd at the knob.  The views were truly spectacular at over 270 degrees.  The iconic photo spot was occupied by a couple who were canoodling with no intention of vacating to allow anyone else do there photo.  They were oblivious to the dozen or so people waiting to use the spot.  I had miles to do so I just plopped down next to them and had AAA snap the photo.  Everyone followed suit and the love birds finally got up in disgust.  

I booked down the mountain and started climbing Tinker Mountain.  I was pretty tired at the top and ran into Wild Card at one of the gorgeous overlooks.  We were gazing out when we both heard the tell tale rattle of a six foot timber rattler.  It was pretty cool to watch it up there while sun was starting to set.  Wild Card and I finally took off down the two miles to the shelter.  On the way we saw some deer and made it just as darkness descended.  Ten miles tomorrow gets me into Daleville at last.  Happy trails.

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