June 4: mile 728: Daleville

I woke up early excited to be getting some town time.  Again, my feet were killing me and I was just feeling fatigued and run down.  The four 20 mile days in a row really was pushing myself too hard.  The weather and hiking were pretty easy and I rolled into town around 1:00 pm.  On the way, I scared up a third black bear in the last five days.  This one took off at high speed as soon as he saw me.  Again I marveled at how fast something that big could move.  I was glad it was moving away from me.  There some more great views at mountain top before I dropped down the ridge into town.

The Howard Johnson is 400 yards off the trail and I quickly pounced on a room.  I ran across the street for a pizza and a six pack and laid down to devour both before hitting the hiker pool party that was loudly carrying on.  I was so exhausted that I woke up at almost eight o’clock having missed the pool party.  Tomorrow is definitely going to have to be a zero to get my feet straight and generally get some rest.  Nighty night and happy trails.

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