June 6: mile 747: Bobblets Gap Shelter

I woke up at the hotel feeling perhaps 75% restored in the feet department.  After a continental breakfast I was back on the trail by 830.  It didn’t hurt that the trail head was across the street from the hotel.  The weather was perfect and the hiking was some of the easier that we have done in a while.  I planned to hike to the third shelter at a distance of about 19 miles.  I did a three day resupply to force myself to push 20 mile days.  Glasgow is almost exactly 60 miles away and should be doable in three days.  

My feet continue to be painful.  Part of the problem is the bruising on the arch and bottom of both big toes.  The constant impact has just taken their toll.  I’m going to up my ibuprofen frequency to keep the pain under control.   Beyond that, I felt pretty good.  I took little breaks and stopped for lunch by a stream with Uturn and the Colonel.  Otherwise I hiked alone again.  In the afternoon we started intersecting the Blue Ridge Parkway periodically.  Every three or four miles the trail would come out of woods suddenly and pass through one of those scenic overlooks where you can pull off the road.  I would trundle out of the woods on one side and shamble across to the other side.  Twice people called me over to their mini vans to interrogate  me about “the trail”.  After posing for pictures and answering questions I would disappear back into the woods until the next one.  There were about five or six of these today.  

I rolled into the shelter at about 730 to find no acceptable tent sites.  So I sheltered with Pit Bull and Orphan Andy.  I hope to bug out early and get another twenty in tomorrow.  Happy trails.

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