June 12: mile 843: Devil’s Backbone Brewpub

We hiked with gusto knowing that the Brewpub was the destination.  The weather was great but the climbs were steep and bouldery.  The finale was a 3000 foot climb over four miles.  Brutal.  I ran out of water and had to yogi some from some day hikers.  As I was hiking down to the road that I could hitch to the brew pub, I passed two day hiking gals that were hiking topless.  They didn’t bat an eye as we passed each other on the trail– they just kept talking to each other. You just never know what you’ll find on the trail.

When I got to the road I caught up with the Duck and Mishap at a boy scout trail magic hotdog stand.  Very nice hang out while hitched for a ride.  I described in detail the topless hikers and commented that they were hot, unlike what you usually find in similar situations.  I was shushed by the Duck and Mishap and that such comments were not appropriate for the Boy Scouts.  I don’t get it,  you see a couple attractive topless hikers and report such to your friends ands it’s not appropriate for Boy Scouts.  Oh well.

So we got a hitch after about a half hour and arrived at a sprawling brew pub/distillery.  They had a field behind a tree line with free camping so we set up camp there and moved over to the pub.  Tomorrow we will shuttle back to the trail .  Mishaps mom is visiting and will pick up our packs at the brewery and take them to waynesboro.  So tomorrow we can slack pack the twenty miles into waynesboro.  Again, slack packing is hiking without your 30 pound pack.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes.  Happy trails.

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