June 16: mile 890: stealth camp behind the showers before the rangers wake up

So I wake up in the light rain (sucks) and get my shit together by about 8.  As I get going, I check the map and realize that the next water is the next shelter ten miles away.  I have a half liter– shit!   I’m already dehydrated before I even start.  Ten miles will take at least five or six hours in the hot sun with a half liter of water.  Not good.  I ration and have a swallow every half mile or so.  After five miles my water is gone.  I come out of the woods to this road and there are these two hikers sitting on camp chairs (a rarity).  They immediately see my camp chair on my pack and exclaim that camp chair guys got to stick together.  I deploy my chair and join them.  By now I’ve noticed that these guys are flaming gay and together.  Like right out of central casting gay.  Very bizarre.  Well, after establishing common cause on the camp chair front, it wasn’t much of a jump to tell them my predicament on the water front.  I yogied a liter from Turtle and Willy and made a couple new friends in the process.  The trail provides as they say.

I hiked on the other five miles to the shelter and resupplied my water.  There I met crayola and discovered that we were both shooting for the campground on account of the beer availability.  Crayola was also interested in the possibility of procuring some cigarettes if possible.  We finished our respective lunches and set out.  Three miles in the skies opened up and we had to hike up hill in the worst driving rain storm that I’ve experienced in s while.  The trail was a river flowing downhill over our ankles as we inched upward for two hours, soaked to the bone.  

We finally made it to the campground and holed up in a concrete hallway by the camp store with a sleu of other hikers.  We busted out the beer and had a grand ol time drinking, laundering, cooking our dinners, and all around scaring the regular campers.  

A few of us pitched tents behind the store in a spot somewhat hidden with the idea that we would leave by 7 in the morning.  By 11 pm a young ranger had commenced to drinking with us and invited a few to sleep on his couches.  Well, I had already pitched behind the store.  But Crayola and a few others took him up on it.  Now that’s some serious yogiing!  Her lucky day, I guess.  Happy trails.

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