June 18: mile 916: Bearfence Shelter

Crayola and I busted camp early and started hiking in good weather and fairly easy hiking terrain.  With all of the rain, and the hot conditions, my clothes have been soaked non stop.  As humid as it is, they never dry.  So, of course, you can add thigh chaffing and diaper rash to my ailments.  We stopped at a private campground where I had two chicken sandwiches, two beers, large bag of chips, two bananas, and a pint of hagandaz.  My thighs were starting to hurt a little so I went into the camp store and saw a small stick of body glide for sale for ten dollars.  I wasn’t going to be bent over like that by a bunch of extortionist bastards so I stormed out.  The next thing I know, five hours later my “chaffing” problem has accelerated into pure agony.  I had to take a side trip of two miles to a private camp store to get some body glide.  If it isn’t one goddamned thing, it’s another.  At the store, I procured the body glide, changed into dry clothes, had a 24 oz beer, and learned of a serious T/storm brewing for the next day.  So I hiked into the night the five miles to get to the shelter by a little after nine.  Once there, Crayola and I agreed that we should hike out at four am to make the 14 miles to the gap so as to have the option of hitting the hostel there.  

We slept in the shelter to avoid having to deal with tents in the morning.  Happy trails.

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