June 21: mile 970: Front Royal Quality Inn

We woke up hoping to make 18 miles to the Jim and Molly Denton Shelter.  Sun and Scout left early and raced ahead while Dirty Duck, Mishap, and I ran a little behind.  The hiking was easy but hot.  At one point I scared up another black bear who promptly crashed away at high speed when he heard me coming.  By 4 o’clock we made it thirteen miles to the road leading into Mount Royal, Virginia.  It was agreed by the three of us that a quick hitch into town might be in order to get some Thai.  We would then come back out and knock off the last five miles.

We piled into the back of a pick- up and were quickly dropped off at a delicious Thai restaurant.  After gorging ourselves we stepped out of the restaurant and spotted Catfish, Hank, and Pig Pen in the Quality Inn parking lot next door. They were playing corn hole in the parking lot, drinking beer with this drywall crew.  It being hot and after 530, we opted to accept their offer to share their room.  Six hikers per room is normal since we all sleep on our inflatable mattresses anyway.  

After drinking some beer and hurling some bean bags, team Hiker Trash soundly defeated team Drywallers.  We went up to the room and discovered that Mishaps toe had gotten worse needed tending to.  Drs. Puck and Catfish were enlisted to perform a routine toe nailectomy (see pictures).  When it was pointed out that both doctors had drank a six pack each while vanquishing the Drywallers, we had the patient execute the appropriate liability waivers.  We joined the patient in operating theater 221 of the Quality Inn.  Nurse Dirty Duck was invaluable in his handling of the instrument tray, consisting of needle, pocket knife, and Leaterman tool.  Drs. Puck and Catfish completed the routine procedure with a limited amount of howling and thrashing about.  The patient was settled into post-op room 221 of the Quality Inn for convalescence.  After prescribing 2 Benadryl, 2 Ibus, and 3 Miller lite king cans, the medical team retired to the saloon across the street to defend the Hiker Trash honor at trivia nite.  Upon return, we found a medication compliant patient, at least with respect to the Ibus, Benadryl, and two of the three Miller lite king cans, sleeping peacefully.  At least until Nurse Dirty Duck commenced to snoring.

It was a full day.  Happy trails.

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