June 22: mile 985: Dicks Dome Shelter

We woke up and took the the new town trolley back to the trailhead.  Mishap’s toe seemed no worse the wear dispite losing the nail.  In many ways, we have all concluded that we would be better out here without our toe nails; they are always cutting into other toes, falling off, or otherwise making a nuisance of themselves.  In any event, she took the loss like good hiker trash.

The heat and humidity is really becoming a serious issue.  Between the rain and sweating, nothing ever dries any more.  In this heat, I am sweating so much that even my long pants are constantly soaked to the ankles.  The sweat just pores out of you at just amazing rates.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I’m drinking two plus gallons of water per day and hardly urinateing at all.  

Aside from the heat, the terrain is fairly easy with the exception of some saverely rocky sections.  We got to a road section and took another hitch to a restaurant during the heat of the day.  The Apple Family Restaurant was a nice reprieve from the heat.  The half pound burger and six glasses of Dr Pepper didn’t hurt either.  

Despite not drinking soda for years, I now drink all that I can get my hands on in the desperate attempt to ingest calories.  I have lost 40 pounds and nearly all of my upper body muscle.  That would explain why my sweat smells like ammonia– I’m burning muscle in the absence of enough carbs to maintain this ridiculous level of exertion.  I wonder what I’m going to burn for the second half of this death march.

Tomorrow we will attack the infamous roller coaster section leading up to Hapers Ferry.  Seven straight 700 foot plus hills and descents with little or no flat/ridge in between.  It’ll be hot.  Happy trails.

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