June 24: mile 1017: cowboy camp

I woke up super early in my wet, brush pile camp.  The weather was really nice and hiking was starting to flatten out.  The past day were on what is called the roller coaster– nine straight up and down mountains with no ridge or flats in between.  Today we finished the last two peaks and then enjoyed some well deserved flats.  

I hiked alone most of the day until I met up with Catfish and hank at a highway intersection.  It was about 7:00 and we had just learned of a pizzeria a mile down the road to the left.  So we hit the pizzeria like a freight train.  A ridge runner had told us that the owner would sometimes let hikers camp behind the bar.  I asked his wife and she said that he would be back at 9.  Catfish and Hank took off at eight and I waited at the bar.  The owner never came back and I had to get back on the trail at 9 in the dark.  I found a decent spot to camp pretty quickly and was set up by ten o’clock.  By about 3 in the morning I started pukeing, barely sticking my head out of the screen of the tent in time.  An hour later I barely made it out of the tent in time for the worst diarrhea explosion in recent memory.  That, of course made me puke again.  Yikes.  Not a good night.  Happy trails.

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