June 25-26: mile 1022: Econo lodge Harpers Ferry

I woke up feeling fatigue, malaise, and more diarrhea.  Since I didn’t have much water, I had to back track a mile to the road to get some hydration.  I made the backtrack and then set out to do the six mile mile hike to the Harpers Ferry Econo lodge– normally easy.  It took me over five hours to limp my my way to complete the six miles.  At 3:00 I finally crossed the Shanandoah River and checked into the Econo.  I crashed and didn’t wake up until the next morning.  This morning I ubered to Charles Town Urgent Care.  I have Girardia, an intestinal parasite from drinking improperly filtered back Country water.  Imagine that.  With all the rest and anti-parasite meds, I am going to try to head back out tuesday morning.  I’ll need to take my filtration a little more seriously.  Happy trails.

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