June 27: mile 1034: Crompton Gap Shelter 

I woke up late feeling a little bit better, but still pretty weak.  I limped out of town a little late and hiked past all of the historic John Brown historical sites.  Imbedded in all of the John Brown sites is the headquarters for the AT Conservancy.  I checked in, got registered, numbered and got my mug shot. Over 3700 people started the trail and I am the 1168th to register at the half way point. 

I then hiked across the Potomac River into Maryland.  I hiked for awhile with a Swiss guy named illegal who told me that he and all the Germans on the trail were there because of a documentary that had just been aired in Europe the previous year.  I was wondering about that.  The hiking was pretty easy by AT standards which was very lucky for me in my condition.  I took it easy and enjoyed almost perfect weather. Towards the end I crossed into a park that was part of the Antietam battlefield.  It was very cool to hike through the staging areas of the battle.

I got to a shelter pretty early and settled in.  Hopefully my energy level will improve as the meds rout my little parasite friends.  My girlfriend Becky is coming Thursday to hike for a day and then we’ll spend some zeros in DC for the fourth.  I can’t wait to see her and enjoy some zeros in a row.  Everyone please remind her that intestinal parasites are not contagious.  Maybe I should have kept my condition to my self.  Happy trails. 

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