June 28: mile 1050: cowboy camp 

I woke up a little late still feeling a little weak.  I got on the trail in perfect weather conditions and started hiking fairly easy trail.  Around noon I stopped at a camping area for lunch when Bambi came charging up and reported that there was a huge trail magic spread up ahead two miles.  So I packed up my uneaten pb&j tortillas and the two of us set off post haste for this alleged trail magic.  We were still criss crossing portions of the Antietam battle field and in our haste I had to skip some memorials.  Food and cold soda trump history.  

Bambi was right about the magic and we hiked up this hill with a Washington monument and found it with eight or so hikers milling around.  Oh it was heaven.  Hot dogs, cold soft drinks, potato salad and all sorts of sweet resupply things.  We gorged ourselves for an hour and then we took an hour nap under a shade tree.

I was slowed down by my weakness, naps, and numerous Antietam memorials.  I got my 16 miles in and grabbed a cowboy campsite around 7:00.  Tomorrow I will have another 16 into Waynesboro to meet Becky.  I’ll get up early to avoid the heat which is supposed to spike to mid 90s tomorrow.   Happy trails.  

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