July 8: mile 1136: Darlington Shelter

We woke up a little late and lingered in town for awhile– hitting the diner, post office for drop boxes, and the outfitter.  We jumped back on the trail by about 1130 and set out to do 14 miles to the first shelter.  The terrain was extremely tame, passing through a number of meadows and pastures.  It is becoming apparent that the heat really is going to be a factor because, despite the easy terrain, my energy level felt sapped.  I hiked alone most of the day letting Hobo and Mishap stay well ahead of me.  With the late start and some frequent breaks, I didn’t roll into the shelter until 730.  

The shelter was crowded with families and day hikers so I tented some distance away with a equally large number of thru hikers.  Tomorrow will be an easy eleven miles into Duncanon PA for resupply.  After that, the dreaded rocks of Pennsylvania begin.  I don’t know what all that entails other than everyone says that it is the worst part of the trail.  Happy trails.

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