July 10: mile 1165: stealth camp

We woke up in the worst room that I have ever stayed in.  I should have deployed my inflatible pad and slept on the floor.  Things deteriorated further when we discovered that the diner across the street was closed on mondays.  So Hobo and I hiked through and out of Duncannon  since the trail actually goes through town.  After hiking across the Susquehanna on two separate bridges, we were back in the woods by 1030.  

The rocks and the heat slowed us down some and we proceeded at a pretty slow pace.  There was a pretty challenging section of bouldering that was difficult but fun.  Hobo found ourselves at a shelter around 5:00 with only 12 miles to show for it.  The next section had no water or camping spots for six miles.  I left it up to Hobo since he only had two weeks of hiking under his belt.  He said we should go for it and we set out to do another six miles.  The terrain was pretty favorable and we made good time racing the sun going down.  The first two of three springs were dry and we started searching for the last one as darkness descended.  We found it in the dark and filled our bottles by headlamp.  We got back on the trail and found a suitable stealth spot right at the seven mile mark.  Definitely a long day.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain.  Happy trails.

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