July 11: mile 1183: stealth camp

We woke up to a light rain and set out about a half hour apart.  After about an hour the rain quit and it started to get hit again.  The hiking was pretty flat with some short rocky sections.  I hiked most of the day without seeing anyone; Mishap and Hobo were somewhere ahead of me.  It was a pretty unisolated part of trail with frequent road crossings and ever present traffic noise from nearby interstates.  

I hiked pretty hard with the hopes of making this cool Hostel up ahead.  I hiked about 18 miles after 18 miles the following day, leaving twenty miles for tomorrow.  Around seven o’clock I found a small tent site half way up a small mountain.  About an hour later Mishap and Scout appeared.  I moved my tent and we all three squeezed in.  It was a surprise yo see Scout, I thought he was quite a ways ahead.  It’s always fun to run into folks you haven’t seen for awhile.  I am continuing feel stronger by the day.  The foot pain continues to bother me– it appears that it will dog me the rest of the way.  Thank god for ibuprofen.  I’m taking around ten a day now.  We’ll see if the ol feet can hammer out 20 tomorrow.  Happy trails.

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