July 13: mile 1203: Heart and Sole Hostel 

We woke faced with the choice of slack packing or taking a zero and going to the nearby Yuengling brewery tour.  Mishap announced that she was slack packing in that “this is not a negotiation” way that she has.  I told Dirty Duck that this was s gut check moment where one must choose between fruitless pink blazing and being a man.  We did the brewery tour.

The tour in Pottsville and pizza at Romas was cool.  When we got back to the hostel we had another phenomenal gourmet dinner just as a serious thunder storm descended.  Flash flood warnings on our phones kept going off while we chilled in the bunkhouse.  At around 930 a soaking wet hiker arrived suddenly.  It was my old friend Two Chairs who I haven’t seen in a month.  The best way to describe him was wet and traumatized.  The flash floods had turned the trail into a raging river up to his hips.  In all of the rain and flooding he got lost and finally found a road crossing.  He threw a trash bag over his head, used his remaining toilet paper to wipe off his phone and sent out a desperate call to be picked up.  It made me glad that we weren’t out there. 

The weather is supposed to be stormy again tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we can’t take two zeros and are going to have to hike out.  We also learned that Catfish and Hank are off the trail stricken with Lymes.  It’s scary that the tick diseases are hitting already.  Miserable as it is in this heat, I’m going to continue to wear long pants.  So tomorrow we leave the paradise hostel back into the storm.  Happy trails.

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