July 14: mile 1217: Pavillion Shelter, Port Clinton

We set out about nine with the sky threatening.  Hobo and Mishap struck out with a fifteen mile lead due to Duck and I going to the brewery tour.  The hiking was somewhat rocky and the rain came and went all day.  Two Chairs hiked with us for s while and we all agreed to do 17 miles and make it to the small town of Port Clinton.  There is an open air pavilion run by a church that offers covered camping inside the little town.

The hiking was pretty easy but for the steady rain that dogged us all day.  We walked into town at about 6 pm after a brutally steep descent down the mountain to the gap.  I haven’t anything like that since North Carolina.  We crossed some railroad tracks and stopped at a hotel for a bite to eat before settlers in at the pavilion.  Two Chairs rolled in with a couple of girls named Ferrari and Little Dip and reported that we could likely get into a “private club” called the firehouse.  The five of went over and rang the bell and were admitted with some goofy formalities and the signing of their “guest book”.  It was all volunteer firemen in attendance but otherwise looked like a regular bar.  We enjoyed many of the 1.25 Yuenglings and poured out of there after 1:00 am.  We staggered back down to the pavilion and slept out in the open with about fifteen other hikers.  It was definitely a fun night.  Happy trails.

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