July 15: mile 1232: Eckville Shelter

We woke up a little green around the gills from the nights festivities.  We commiserated with our new friends Ferrari and Lil Dip, as well as Two Chairs, and agreed that we should all shoot for the Eckville Shelter.  While we were leaving we ran into my old friend Gandalf and Dancing Bear.  You may recall that Dancing Bear hiked with us when my sister was visiting.  He is from Cologne Germany and is a really cool dude.  The reunions continued as Sir Poopsalot also made an appearance as we were leaving.  It was going to be quite a crowd at Eckville if everyone hiked that far.

The weather was fabulous– not raining and not too hot.  My only complaint was the hangover and the terrain being somewhat rocky.  It was great to be hiking with the Duck again.  We rolled into the Eckville Shelter around 8:00 o’clock.  There was a large shelter with a caretakers house.   Across the road was a large grass  tenting area that was flat with some nearby picnic tables.  Definitely one of the more pleasant set ups.  The reunions continued as I ran into Bluebird while setting up my tent.  It seems like a lot of bubbles are compressing together and the number of hikers are all hitting the same shelters.  Tomorrow we are supposed to be hitting some of the worst rocky sections  of Rocksylvania.   I’m curious what that’s about.  Happy trails.

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