July 20: mile 1304: Mohican adventure center

We woke up early and raced down the mountain to the city of Delaware Water Gap.  The lure of breakfast always puts a spring in your step.  As always, the sunrise at the overlook stealth camp was spectacular– we definitely don’t do that enough.  

We arrived at the town a little before 10 and stocked up on some stuff at the convience store before hitting a bakery with a hiker hotdog/pie special.  Hot dog and piece of pie for three dollars.  I had two.  We ran into Mishap, Two Chairs, Lil Dipper, Gandalf, Alexa, and Wolfdog at the bakery.  On the Mishap front, I guess I can expect more pink blazing silliness from Duck again– great.  

Everyone got out of town around 12 to 1 pm.  After hiking over the Delaware river into New Jersey we were again treated to the usual steep ascent out of the gap.  On the way we were delayed by two separate trail magic stations were we stopped and snacked for a while.  After tackling the ascent, we passed by two acidic glacial lakes (I would call them ponds) with apparently endangered sunfish in residence.  Water is scarce enough now that I took some from a beaver pond.  I filtered and added bleach for double protection.  

Towards the evening the turned suddenly and it started to rain cats and dogs.  I was about a half a mile from an adventure center that rents bunks to hikers sometimes.  By the time I navigated the downhill rocky descent in the rain, it was a nobrainer to pay the exorbitant 40 dollar charge for a bunk and a towel.  I snuck Duck into the bunkhouse after the staff left.  Mishap was checked in but at the clinic getting some bronchitis checked out.  Hopefully the rain and rocks will abate on the morrow.  Happy trails.

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