July 23: mile 1345: unionville park

Dancing Bear and I woke up after a slightly rainy night.  Our goal was to make the town of Unionville — a town that lets hikers tent in the park.  I got a text from Duck on Mishaps phone (his phone is broken) that they were going to the beach.  I didn’t know what to make of that so Dancing Bear and I hiked on toward unionville.  

The hiking was fairly easy with nice temperatures and somewhat fewer rocks.  After a few hours we climbed a small mountain and came across an observation tower overlooking a Washington monument looking obelisk some distance up the hill.  The obelisk apparently marks the highest point in New Jersey 2000 feet or so.  From the observation deck we could see the trail fork into three directions:  the trail, a trail up the hill to the obelisk, and one downhill to a lake where the sounds of beach revelry could be heard.  It being lunch time we started toward the beach.  

We set up our stuff and hit the quite expensive consession stand.  While were eating and sunning ourselves, Duck and Mishap rolled in with Bambi and Lil Dip right behind.  Patch and Terydacktyl came after that.  We had a veritable hiker party on the beach.  Lil Dip went over to Yogi some food from this family reunion and the next thing we know, they bring all of their leftovers over.  They all wanted to hear our stories while we wolfed down their cold hot dogs, watermelon, and untouched macaroni salad.  It was the motherload of all Yogis– nice work Lil Dip!

With the regretfull lacing of moldy boots, macaroni salad smeared in our beards, we set off back down the trail.  After a few more hours of hiking, Dancing Bear and I rolled into Unionville at about six o’clock.  We set up our tents in the park and since we definitely weren’t hungry, we ambled over to the saloon. There were a number of hikers in full tilt when got there.  Anvil, Dancing Bear and I commenced to pounding pitchers of German beer while playing pool.  Anvil starting buying us shots until all reason left us culminating in us staggering back to the park at 3 am.  A happy trail indeed, until morning….

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