July 24: mile 1353: stealth camp

I woke up in the rain with a hand bearing coffee and an egg sandwich appearing under my rain fly.  Friends like Duck are what makes the trail so heartwarming.  The hangovers were epic.  We didn’t get out of Unionville until noon.  

What helped pass the hungover time on the trail was confusing Dancing Bear with aphorisms about him puking in his tent.  While his English is pretty good (he’s German), he gets the most hilarious confused look on his face when asked:  “so you blew chow in your tent”.  His reply of “vas is blow chow?”, or “what you say barf”.  And so forth.  If you put your mind to it, and we did, you can come up with at least 20 English aphorisms for puking in your tent.  

We made it about eight miles before the rain front started threatening at about 5 o’clock.  We made a quick stealth camp and called it a day.  Happy trails.

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