July 25: mile 1373: Warwick NY

We woke early hoping to make the 20 miles to Warwick ny.  I am happy to announce that the rocks have largely abated.  The weather was fantastic given how hot it could be– high 70s.  We tackled the famous boardwalk section of New Jersey where a couple of miles are spent hiking on theses raised boardwalks through swamp and wetland areas– pretty cool and pretty easy hiking.  

After about ten miles Bear and I hit some pretty challenging up and downs as well as some pretty technical bouldering sections that were, as we say, put your poles away.  At the top of one mountain on a flat piece of rock we crossed the spray painted state line into New York.  The tempo and difficulty of the hiking definitely went up a notch in New York.  We pressed hard and finally hit the road with a famous ice cream creamery.  We hiked a quarter mile to the creamery and were met by no less than a dozen hikers.  While I was finishing my second ice cream Sunday, Duck and Mishap rolled in. 

As the sun set it started to rain and the four of us elected to hitch into town for a motel.  We put Mishap out on the road to hitch while we hid in the bushes.  When a knight in shining armor finally stopped we jumped out and piled in with her.  We stayed at a motel and got some much needed laundry and showers.  Happy trails.

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