July 27: mile 1404: cowboy camp in woods

Dancing Bear (db) and I broke camp early in perfect weather.  Temps in the 70s– unbelievable.  The only down side is that I sent my sleeping bag away and have been freezing my balls off at night.  But the weather has been just perfect for hiking.  We did some roller coaster ups and downs, but not too bad.  The New York trail is just gorgeous.  We hiked most of the day and topped out at the top of Bear mountain where you can see the NYC skyline off in the distance around some bends in the Hudson River– beautiful.  After a long descent down we hit a park with a zoo and camping area that was bizarrely occupied by all Muslim families picnicking and hanging out.  We hiked through it late in the day and crossed the Hudson on a large bridge just as the sun was setting.  

After the bridge, we came to an enormous climb that we just couldn’t do that late in the day.  We had no choice but climb over the guard rail on the highway and descend down a ravine into some shitty woods between the river rail road tracks and the highway– big time cowboy camping in the shit.  Not much sleep with trains every 15 minutes all night long.  I got a message from Duck that he and Mishap are going into NYC– the joys of pink blazing.  They are at least three day behind now.  We are hiking on and skipping the city.  This cowboy camp is buggy and shitty, we will bug out bright and early in the morning.  Happy trails.

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