July 29: mile 1434: Deli back yard

We woke up late due to the late night and the comfortable camp.  But we were back on the trail by 930 in gorgeous weather.  I’ve been fearing and dreading a summer heat wave– so far so good.  We’ve been hiking in the 70s!  Unbelievable.  After sending my sleeping bag home, I’ve actually had some really cold nights where I wake up and have to put all of my cloths on.  I hope the temps stay low.

The hiking was really pretty with more rolling up and downs with an occasional bouldering section at the top of hills.  We took a side trail to another lake swimming beach in order to take advantage of the concession stand.  You can only have so many seven dollar hot dogs and three dollar gateraids before it is time to hike on.  

We tallied some good miles with Dancing Bear hiking ahead of me a mile or so.  We finally hit our destination: a deli a mile off trail that lets hikers camp in their substantial back area.  When I got in, Dancing Bear and Anvil were already finishing their second dinner.  I quickly gobbled down a meatball marinara sandwich with some ice cream before ordering a pastrami hero and six pack for later– heaven!  As could be expected with a place like this, the hikers just kept rolling in.  By dark I counted twenty tents in various clusters.  We had quite a party with plenty of beer and weed passed around in abundance.  Despite the festive nature of the proceedings, we are, after all, hikers.  We were all asleep by ten, a very late night in hiker land where sleep comes at dusk.  Another really good day.  I have to confess that delis and the opportunity for a cold beer at the end of the day sure do hit the spot.  We will lose our near trail population density when we get to Vermont.  But for now we are living it up.  Happy trails.

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