August 1 and 2: mile 1478: Cornwall Bridges B and B

After “enjoying” the sunrise at our cowboy camp on top of the mountain, we were back on the trail with very little sleep and some new blisters from the previous nights forced march.  My feet were killing me and Dancing Bear was afflicted with some sort of dysentery requiring stops every hour.  It was hot and humid and the gnats were in full force.  After a couple hours and some modest up and downs over some small mountains, we hit a wicked descent.  It was 1200 feet down in less than half a mile– nearly vertical with several moments of climbing down after throwing the stuff down first.

Dancing Bear again hiked ahead of me most of the day.  I caught up with him around seven o’clock at a camp site on top of the mountain above the little village of Cornwall Bridges Connecticut.  We were both worn out beyond belief so I checked the guide book and discovered a B and B that had a special hiker rate.  I called and arranged for Robin to pick us up at the bottom of the mountain.  

The town is population 100 (including Sam Waterston of law and order)but has a grocery/deli and a package liquor accross the street from the B and B.  We enjoyed our own rooms with four poster beds, full laundry, and a wrap around porch with cushioned wicker on which to sip my beers whilst nibbling on numerous deli delights.  I swear to god I died and went to heaven.  

The next morning I could still hardly walk to the deli where we hung out on the porch chatting with the unbelievably friendly small town Connecticut denizens.  Suffice it to say, it was time to take a zero day and get some of our strength back.  We called Robin and told her that we were staying another day.  We did nothing but watch tv, hang out on the porch, and wander back and forth to the deli for snacks–  pure heaven.  

I never want to leave this place.  Happy trails.

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