August 3: mile 1492: Falls Village 

Wow did I need that zero day.  We left after a nice deli breakfast and I felt a hundred times better.  I had really hit the wall.  It had also stormed like hell the night before with some low grade flash flooding.  We attacked the first climb with the high spirits and vigor that only a zero at a B and B can provide.  We encountered numerous hikers that had camped on the slopes and were in various degrees of trying to dry their stuff out– not happy.  Obviously we’ve been there.  But not today!  The weather was hot and the hiking a pretty constant small up and downs with little flat reprieves inbetween.  

It started to get really hot when we crossed a road with a junk yard a couple of hundred yards away.  There were a couple of hikers meandering in that direction — an occurrence that usually warrants investigation.  Sure as shit, there was a soda machine behind the junk yard. We each slammed three sodas each sitting in the shade amongst the wreaked cars.  It doesn’t take much these days to make our day.

We continued on in similar conditions following the Houscatonic river until we hiked into the town of Falls Village Connecticut.  There we tented down in the back yard of some aging British hippies who run a breakfast restaurant called Toymakers.  We hung out outside a package liquor store with Blue Bird, Terydacktyl, Shwag, and Captain drinking some beers until retiring to the hippy backyard where about ten tents had accumulated.  All around a pretty good day.  Happy trails.

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