August 4: mile 1506: Stealth camp

We had a nice breakfast at ToyMakers and were some of the first to leave the tent city in their back yard.  The owners were very nice.  We hiked out of town and immediately hit the waterfalls that give them their name.  The were quite impressive.  About an hour into our first significant ascent the thunderstorms hit.  It’s weird how you don’t get wet for the first 15 minutes of a thunderstorm because the forest canopy obsorbs it.  Conversely, you continue to get wet 15 mins after it ends for the same reason, the canopy continues to rain on you even though the sky has turned blue.  It rained hard on us for two solid hours.  The trail literally turns into a river when that happens.  

After the rain quit we hiked another couple hours in the sun.  At around two in the afternoon we hiked a side trail a half a mile into Salisbury mass.  It was a very ritzy and expensive little town where everyone wears boat shoes and pollo shirts and drives Mercedes or Volvo wagons.  I mean everyone.  I’ve never seen more import wagons in my life.  Lunch got extended when another torrential down pour hit.  The hikers were all piled into a coffee shop waiting out the storm.  The people were very nice, all wanting our stories and buying us coffees.

We finally hiked out again at 430 and got a few more hours of hiking in.  It rained a little more as we approached Bear Mountain.  The guide book and the ridge runners told us not to attempt the steep descent in rainy or wet conditions.  So we took the bypass trail around the base of the mountain– a blue blaze that adds three miles to the trail.  While we were whacking through the side trail we got lost onto another side trail as the sun was setting and the rain resumed.  Fuck.  We bush whacked around and eventually found an apparently abandoned group camp site in the middle of the woods.  It was grown over but was good enough.  We pitched in the dark and the rain.  Happy trails.

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