August 5: mile 1520: community center Great Barrington 

We woke up in the rain and quickly packed up at 7 am during a slight lull.  It’s always pretty miserable when everything is wet.  My feet have been suffering in the constant wet conditions.  They have been chafed raw on the bottom to the point where my socks are bloody.  

The rain let up after a while and we walked in some forest that can only be described as Lord of the Rings like.  Steep descents down moss covered step like paths while a mountain brook tumbles down beside you into alternating pools and falls.  This went on for almost a mile to a sign marking the Connecticut/Massachusetts border.  That section, for me, was probably the prettiest that I seen on the trail to date.

Later the trail started a series of pretty steep climbs and descents that, mercifully, were tackled rain free.  By the time we got to the road crossing leading to Great Barrington, my feet were in total agony.  We took a cab to the community center where we are allowed to tent.  There were at least twenty tents already while we pitched in the dark.  I could hardly walk the two blocks to the the brew pub for dinner (now that’s pain!).  We met up with Huggy Bear, Ten, and Rambo at the pub and all was well in the world.  Happy trails.

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