August 8: mile 1562: Kay Wood Shelter

Well I taped my feet tightly and bandaged the chafing wounds and avoided having to take a zero.  We left town late to give them a further rest.  At about noon we set out in awesome weather.  Dancing Bear hiked ahead of me because my feet were slowing me down some.  Luckily the terrain was pretty tame with no significant climbs or descents.  There were a lot of bogs to go through but they were usually board walked pretty good.  You can make really good, comfortable time on the boards provided they don’t break and send you into the muck.  Sometimes the boards dip into the muck if you are not careful.  Through these bogs in Massachusetts there are frequent beaver ponds. I don’t mind getting water from streams flowing into a beaver pond, but I don’t much like the ones flowing out.  They smell and I don’t want to get beaver fever (Girardia) again.

I hiked alone through these bogs at a slow pace while listening to an audiobook.  Aside from foot pain it was kind of nice.  I ran into Bambi again and hung out with her for a little snack break.  By evening it became apparent that my slow pace was not going to get me to the shelter.  I had the two choices of cowboy camping somewhere between bogs; or, busting the head lamp out and night hike in.  I opted for the latter thinking it would be eerily cool to night hike through a swamp at night.  I was right, it was pretty cool.  You see all of the animals eyes and hear the frogs and insects.  The swamp was boardwalked when it needed to be and the white blazes were very visible and frequent enough that I wasn’t worried about getting lost.  I night hiked for about an hour and rolled into the shelter at 915.  Everyone was asleep and there were no tent sites that were open.  So I trundled into the loft of the shelter and crashed.  Asleep by ten.  Happy trails.

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  1. Pat, I have an audiobook to recommend. If you have downloaded the free Audible app, I can send you one book for free. The book is Shantaram. It is a very long book so might last you the rest of the trip. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. I guarantee you will like it! And if you’d like me to send it, what email address should I use?


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