August 14: mile 1642: river camp site

We were up early to see that sunrise and were on the trail before seven.  The weather was good and the terrain was tree rooty and had frequent mud bogs to navigate.  It got pretty challenging skirting these bogs while maintaining your balance.  Finally my luck ran out and my boot slipped sending me down into the muck.  That is enough to piss you off.  Dancing Bear smartly held his tongue while I extricated myself from the mud pit.  After cussing out most of the world I told him that if he had any of his optimistic comments that now would be a good time to keep them to himself.  While suppressing what he obviously wanted to say, he smartly replied “I know dis”.  Still friends, we hiked on.

We ran into JP, Ten,Huggy Bear, and Tens parent right before we started the three and half mile trek up Mt. Stratton.  We hung out at the top with  everyone and enjoyed the views from the fire tower.  We also met a couple of gals doing the Long Trail named Thumb Sucker and Jelly Bean. We all seemed to be headed to Manchester and agreed to meet at the Thai restaurant for lunch.  

With that we hiked late and passed the shelter thinking we would find something and make the hike into Manchester shorter.  We found a nice site by the river and camped with JP, Thumb Sucker, and Jelly Bean.  It was supposed to Rain at 1100 so we resolved to get out by seven to hit the last eight miles into town.  Happy trails.

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