August 16: mile 1660: shelter

Still sick from the previous food poisoning incident, we didn’t get out of town until noon.  I was feeling a little better, Dancing Bear not so much.  We hiked up a pretty steep hill in perfect weather and came across the first shelter after about two and a half miles.  He grabbed me on the shoulder and with wide eyes and sweat streaming down his face informed me that he would “blue chow”.  As I patiently corrected his syntax and pointed out that it is to blow chow,  he did exactly that.  After the splashy bear noises subsided, we resumed our sickly death march to the top of a ski hill.  While we trudged up the black diamond slope “Meat Grinder”, I kept a watchful eye on DB to make sure he wasn’t grinding out any more Thai flavored meat.  We got the top and wandered around eerily abandoned chair lifts and other ski related infrastructure.  We were the only ones on the mountain and enjoyed the 360 view and wandering around the eerily vacant chair lifts and ski accouterments.  

Amazingly, we made it a total of ten miles before stopping at a really picturesque shelter with literally a waterfall twenty five yards down slope.  It was early so we pitched tents, took a couple Valium to hasten the end of the evening, and crashed out.  Happy trails.

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