August 20: still at the Twelve Tribes: slack pack over Killington Mountain 

We woke up at the hostel and took the bus to the other side of Killington mountain to slack pack back to the Twelve Tribes.  Free lodging and slack packing make warding off cult recruiting attempts palatable.  

We left our stuff at our bunks and got off the bus at the trail head by 745.  The weather was cool and the hiking conditions perfect. The mountain was a long 6 mile ascent but fairly gradual in steepness.  The trail is really beautiful in Vermont.  Near the top the moss was seen all over the rocks and trees creating a otherworldly affect.  The descent down was manageable and also very picturesque.  Dancing Bear hiked ahead of me and called at the road with me two miles back.  I told him to hitch in and I would meet him at the cult.  I hammered out that last couple miles and ran into Bluebird and Terrdactyle as I was nearing the road.  I extolled the virtues of staying at the cult and the slack packing opportunities there.  They turned around and followed me to the road where we all hitched back to the hostel.

When we arrived at around six o’clock, I could hear the singing and dancing from downstairs– apparently another sabbath “celebration” two days in a row.  A member tried to lure me down there again but I ducked into the shower instead.  I think terredacktyl and Bluebird got nabbed but I made it out to the street and met DB at the brewery.  We wondered over a beer how many sabbaths you can have in a row.  We will do another slack pack 24 miles tomorrow but will need to leave the cult soon.  Happy, peaceful, loving, trails.

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