August 22: mile 1747: Hanover New Hampshire 

We woke early, got our shit together, and jumped on a shuttle with a guy named Tom.  We thanked our long time hosts and insisted that it was time to go.  They asked us if we wanted to go out to see the farm.  We politely declined and hopped in with Tom and off we went.

We hiked in extremely hot and humid conditions for this far north.  Temps approached 90 with high humidity.  It reminded me how much that really matters it terms how hard the hiking can be.  Especially for me — I am immune to the cold, I thrive on it, but the heat just hits me hard.  I sweat so much that everything is wet down to my socks.  That leads to chafing and diaper rash. The hiking was similar to the previous day– constant up and downs with little recovery.  With the heat it was pretty brutal.  The good news is we crossed the Connecticut river and crossed the Vermont- New Hampshire line.  A few miles after that and the trail took us directly into Hanover and through the Dartmouth campus.  

We were soaked to bone and smelly as we barreled into Mollies bar and grill amongst the parents and students.  Oh well.  After that hellacious day, the chicken carbonara and house margaritas were spot on.  With a four margarita buzz we then went to the Dartmouth rec center for shower and laundry.  From there we tented in the woods behind the soccer field with scores of other hikers.  Back at Mollies to wait/drink out the thunder storm, we yogied a ride from a Sudanese doctor dropping his daughter off for school.  He drove us in the rain to the soccer field and we crashed around 11.  Happy trails.

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