August 28:  Franconia Notch Hostile

We woke up early excited to hike into town for a resupply.  We hiked down the mountain five miles to Franconia Notch.  What used to be called gaps in the south are now called notches.  In both cases it they are low altitude passes between mountains.  We hung out in Franconia state park while we waited for a shuttle from the Hostile to pick us up.  

My new nutrition program seems to working and helping me to get stronger.  I’m upping my calories to 8000 a day and trying to eat a protein bar at least every two hours.  Worthers candy is providing a seventy calorie boost that titrates gradually while climbing– constant sugar infusion.  Hopefully the increased calories and protein will slow down the muscle burn that I am still experiencing.

We got picked up at the park and arrived at a large and really nice hostel in Lincoln New Hampshire called the Notch.  We went into town for a much needed resupply and town meals.  I say plural meals because my new calorie increase program includes gorging in town.  Toward that end, I eat two complete meals one hour apart.  In this case I enjoyed a large pizza and beer and then backed it up with a philly cheese steak sandwich and ice cream for dessert.  It should be noted that I wore a borrower pair of medium shorts while my laundry was going– a size not seen since junior year in high school.  

After an evening of resupply and gorging ourselves, we crashed early at the hostel to be rested for tomorrow’s difficult ascent to Franconia ridge and the presidential range.  Happy trails.

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