September 1: Notch Hostel Still

This weather zero is so needed and so glorious.  I’ve eaten six meals a day, saw a movie, showered twice, and drank some beer.  We all had dead legs and needed this rest.

The forecast for tomorrow is for a brief window of good weather in between systems as hurricane Harvey comes in Sunday.  The plan is to hike out early and do Webster, Pierce, and Jackson and end up at the Hut of the Clouds just short of the Washington Peak.  If we arrive late in sketchy weather then they have to let us ride out the storm there.  They have to let us stay tomorrow night and the next day if the weather turns dangerous.  There is likely to be another break in the weather Monday at which time we can summit and descend down the ridge.  That’s the plan at least.

I spent part of the afternoon as a Duck therapist imparting advice that he already knew which I won’t bore you with.  Hike fast young man, hike fast.  

Cross your fingers for our flawed plan and happy trails.

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