September 5-6: zeroing at TheBarn in Gorham 

The Barn is walking distance from a convience store, liquor store, and a restaurant called Mr Pizza– perfection.  I set out for the outfitters to get some new boots and a new pack cover which had been ripped off me in the winds.  I bought a new pair of Merrels, my fourth pair of boots, and the new pack cover.  I took pictures of my damaged pack and sent them to Granite Gear after I told their customer service that I was thru hiking the AT and their pack got shredded in the Presidentials.  They are Fedexing me a new one.

After a trip to Mr Pizza, I settled into a lazy boy at the Barn to sew back together my cloths, watch some CNN, and enjoy a six pack.  The sewing project and six pack took so long that it culminated in yet another trip to Mr Pizza.  

While convalescing,  I ran into Miss Janet — a trail institution.  Miss Janet is a trail angel who drives this distinctive conversion van up and down the trail giving shuttles, slack-packs, and other trail magic to hikers.  I met her in Tennessee, saw her in Pennsylvania, and now again in New Hampshire.  She told Dancing Bear and I that she would shuttle us on the 11th in Bethel Maine when I am meeting up with my sister.  Interesting gal, she does this every year.

The second day of zeroing Dove rolled in.  She went back up Washington and finished the Madison traverse.  Good girl.  It looks like the rest are just going to skip it– yellow blazers.  My purist hike is still intact– I’ve done every inch.  Tomorrow it’s on to the Wildcats and Carter dome.  Happy trails.

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