September 8: Gorham White House Hostel 

We broke camp super early and tore into the remaining Carter Mountains.  We had a little over ten miles to make it back to a road crossing near Gorham.  But oh what a ten miles.  Again, up and down sheer rocks that rise and descend vertically.  At the top of these mountains are bald tops that require some hand over hand slab crawling.  Just don’t look over your shoulder at the expanse below.  

I hiked behind Dancing Bear and Dove again taking the grueling up and downs in line.  My new boots (fourth pair) were tearing my feet up while they break in.  The Wildcats and now Carters are, by far, the hardest hiking so far.  The presidentials were crazy from the winds and weather standpoint, but from a difficulty standpoint, these mountains are harder.

I limped into the hostel (literally) and found most everyone from the bubble already there.  I arrived at 6 just in time for the Walmart shuttle for resupply.  We are heading out in the morning for three days in the Mahoosucs mountain range.  And you guessed it, they are supposed to be the toughest on the whole AT.  Happy trails.

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